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In 2003 Fox still had the rights and a young Kevin Feige would lend his hand to producing a movie that many would like to forget- but should they be so quick to dismiss DAREDEVIL staring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, Micheal Clark Duncan, Jon Favreau and Joe Pantoliano, written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson.

Executive Producer: Mike Podgorski  

Co-Executive Producers: Jim Beverly, Matthew Schnapp, Holly

Associate Executive Producers: Beta-Fu, Eric Freeman, Göran Kämpe, Khalil Dimachkie, rocketFace

Producers: Mike Estep, epilonious, Marlin Goble, Lewis Longshadow


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Hero Movie Podcast is a weekly podcast EXCLUSIVELY about superhero movies. Marvel, DC, movies and TV- Adam Portrais from The Film Find, Sean Keenan from Robot Johnson and Bruce Leslie from Chubby Wizard, Heroes and Villians Podcast- review comicbook and superhero movies in the most funny, nerdy way you can't find anywhere else.

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