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This week we look back at a comic book film that's not exactly based on a comic book- but you'd be surprised where we found some links to actual comics. In 1990 we were hot off the heels of one of this biggest comic book movies at that point- Tim Burton's BATMAN. Even though he couldn't get the rights to Batman or The Shadow, Sam Rami (Spider-Man, Evil Dead) had a comic book movie brewing inside and he had to get it out in one way or another so he gave us this week's retro review- DARKMAN. 


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Hero Movie Podcast is your weekly podcast EXCLUSIVELY about superhero movies. Marvel, DC, movies and TV- Adam Portrais from The Film Find, Sean Keenan from Robot Johnson and Bruce Leslie from Chubby Wizard, Heroes and Villians Podcast- review comicbook and superhero movies in the most funny, nerdy way you can't find anywhere else.


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