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This week all the guys are back in studio to talk one of the most beloved modern comic book movies ever- Batman Begins. Christopher Nolan started his Dark Knight trilogy (despite the first film not having "Dark Knight" in the title) in 2005 to much acclaim and it's Batman Begins and Christian Bale's brooding performance that give many the Batman they know today. But over a decade later does Batman Begins hold up as well as we remember or have we had such a glut of great superhero movies that it's hard for something this old to still hold up as well?


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Hero Movie Podcast is a weekly podcast EXCLUSIVELY about superhero movies. Marvel, DC, movies and TV- Adam Portrais from The Film Find, Sean Keenan from Robot Johnson and Bruce Leslie from Chubby Wizard, Heroes and Villians Podcast- review comicbook and superhero movies in the most funny, nerdy way you can't find anywhere else.


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