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This week the boys of HMP take to the cold, hard streets to review a comic book movie that some may not even know is a comic book movie. We speak, of course, of CONAN THE BARBARIAN from 1982 (the year of Adam's birth and wouldn't you know it- it's his Birthday!).  A ton of people love this movie and our supporters over on Patreon voted for this to be the movie we cover and it may not turn out how you expected. 

Executive Producers: Jim Beverly, Robert M Barney, Micah Hunter (RocketFace), Matthew Schnapp


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Hero Movie Podcast is a weekly podcast EXCLUSIVELY about superhero movies. Marvel, DC, movies and TV- Adam Portrais from The Film Find, Sean Keenan from Robot Johnson and Bruce Leslie from Chubby Wizard, Heroes and Villains Podcast- review comicbook and superhero movies in the most funny, nerdy way you can't find anywhere else.

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