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This week on HMP we take a look back to the third Episode of THE TICK live action series on Fox in late 2001 entitled “Couples.” From comic to cartoon to this live action sitcom- did The Tick make the transition unscathed? And what happens when you add Ron Perlman to the mix?

The Tick and Arthur have a good time when they start hanging out with Fiery Blaze and his sidekick Friendly Fire. Things turn sour when Arthur finds out that Blaze treats Fire badly, and he persuades Fire to take a stand against it. Meanwhile Blaze convinces the Tick that Arthur is the sidekick and should do whatever the Tick wants. The Tick's new behavior quickly causes the Tick and Arthur to split up. Meanwhile, Batmanuel and Captain Liberty try to cope with their own loneliness, which leads to Captain Liberty getting a dog. 
Executive Producers: Jim Beverly, Robert M Barney, Micah Hunter (RocketFace), Matthew Schnapp, Jeff Becker and Alex Caudill 


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