Hero Movie Podcast
Episode 141- Greatest American Hero (Pilot)

This week the boys of HMP take the time machine back to the year 1981 and the debut of William KattRobert Culp and Connie Sellecca in television’s GREATEST AMERICAN HERO. What happens when an FBI Agent and a fill in teacher for a group of misguided teens gets a visit from aliens via a dead FBI agent and gets gifted a superhero suit. One will wear the suit- the other will instruct on how to use the suit. Problem is....the instruction manual was lost. So how does Agent Maxwell and Mr. Hinkley learn to harness the powers of the suit while still trying to keep together Hinkley’s life and custody battle?  Yep, that’s the kind of stuff the did in the 80′s! This episode we review the two part pilot of Greatest American Hero.

Executive Producers: Jim Beverly, Matthew Schnapp

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